So I Made a Website

Hi, I’m WeaselBass by day I’m a web developer and by night I’m a twitch streamer just like many of you reading this.

I wanted to find a way to give back to the twitch community and decided to create a website to provide views and help people find their new favourite streamer.

I’m a kinda lazy developer as I do this for my day job but will be making updates and adding features to this website whenever I have some free time and will post my progress to the Development Blog page.

Current features on this website are :

  • 1 live stream is randomly chosen from the list of TSU members and is displayed on the front page every hour.
  • A list of live streams from our members is available at the live streams page.
  • Basic user profiles containing embedded Twitch Stream.
  • I have written a Guide on how to start streaming on Twitch and would love to hear your feedback.
  • a “shout-out” is tweeted from our twitter account when a new member signs up.

Thanks for reading, I have plans for new features in the future including star ratings ratings for streamers, listings for layout/emote designers, etc.

All new features will be announced on the Development Blog page.

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